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#185273 Truck Mods

Автор: aRLaN6 на 26 Июль 2010 - 02:07

I'm glad you like my work. About scale. I think my trucks are closer to the proper scale than most if not, still too big. The people look to small once they are inside the trucks. I am 6' 2" tall and a normal semi wheel is about 3' in diameter which stands about to my waste, using "JC" as my measuring unit, taking a guess that he is about six foot tall, it try to do the same. Enjoy!

#180859 Truck Mods

Автор: aRLaN6 на 05 Июнь 2010 - 23:12

Hey guys & Girls (I hope there are some gaming girls that like trucks) I just uploaded six new trucks. Enjoy and and Truck-On!!! Arlan

#179120 1966 White Freightliner coe

Автор: aRLaN6 на 17 Май 2010 - 00:04

I did finish it and released it without the dirt for now, http://arlanstrucks....ils.phtml?id=23
I may do a second version later with the dirt, we'll see.


#169651 Truck Mods

Автор: aRLaN6 на 26 Февраль 2010 - 04:10

I've have updated my material settings (primarily chrome) on all my truck mods for the last time. Thanks to Obadaya & StratumX for giving some great settings ideas to start with. Maybe someone should start a "Best Chrome" competition / survey just for fun to see what everyone enjoys. I know I would place last, LOL! :yahoo: Now, Back to making trucks. Arlan

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